Marina GuoPublic Communication Manager,
Working with the media can be challenging anywhere. But in
China, there are even more obstacles. It’s Marina Guo’s job to navigate both the Chinese media and the government in order to promote both corporate and brand communications in a growing market.

Guo entered public relations soon after graduating in chemistry from
University, and has since worked in communications and public relations at Ford Motor in

Marina, what project has been a success for you?
Last year’s public launch of the Häagen-Dazs mooncake was very exciting. We organized four media launch events in different parts of the country, held a “Mooncake Fashion Show,” and were touted by news media as both “fashionable” and a “luxury gift.” The media coverage was overwhelming, delivering more than nine times of equivalent advertising value for our investment.
Marina takes quick action to deal with critical issues and keeps everyone informed. When she first started, she worked hard to learn our core businesses so she could handle public inquiries right away. I’m glad to have her representing us.”
— Nancy Yang, national Häagen-Dazs shop director, and Guo’s colleague

Marina’s a strong people person. Having her in her role is a huge plus for GM China, as well as the company as a whole. In newer markets, like
China, we have a one-time chance to build our brand and company reputation from scratch.
Marina is seizing the opportunity to help grow the business.”
— Wendy Tai, director of issues management, and Guo’s functional supervisor
What do you like about your job? Our marketing team has successfully built Häagen-Dazs into a fashion and luxury brand, and the media has responded. So it’s always fun when we arrange media events for either new shops or new products.What’s unique about working with the Chinese media?

The Chinese media is not as mature as that in the
U.S. The editorial and advertising departments often are connected, meaning that advertisers can influence content. When a company makes little or no advertising investment, it can risk negative coverage. Although our advertising budget is small, my understanding of this dynamic helps me develop efficient media programs to promote the company and brands, and to avoid unnecessary crises.

Marina has developed a great relationship with the Chinese media. She’s also making great contributions to enhancing and protecting GM China’s reputation through government relations. Her passion leads to success.”
— Gary Chu, senior vice president, president of GM China, and Guo’s supervisor
“Because I’m responsible for all the quality and regulatory issues in
China, Marina and I work closely to handle the more difficult customer complaints and potential media exposure.
Marina is passionate and a hard worker. She’s a good communicator, accountable and responsible.”
— Cao Min, QRO manager in
China, and Guo’s colleague
You’ve been at GM for nearly two years. What do you like about working at this company?I really enjoy the culture of GM. The people I work with are professional and cooperative. Just thinking about going to work puts me in a happy mood for the day. What do you enjoy outside of work? My husband and I live in different cities: Beijing and
Shanghai. Although we spend much of our time calling and flying, we also have time for our own favorite activities. For me, I enjoy reading Chinese history and literature.
Published by Corporate Communications on Sunday, June 17, 2007